The Process

1. Choice of raw material

Our company is committed in choosing the animals to be processed. This guarantees excellent quality for which Fa. Lu. Cioli is known for.

2. Salting

Accurate porchetta salting not only does it improve its taste but it also gets rid of excess moisture. It is a hand-made procedure and it takes into account both meat quality and its thickness.
This procedure is key if you consider smoked bacon and tenderloin: they absorb salt differently.

3. Binding

The pig is bound to an aluminium spit which has two functions: one, to hold porchetta when into the oven and two, to diffuse heat within. Other than those within the head, the only bones left after deboning are the shinbones which are needed to secure the animal to the spit.
It is an entirely hand-made process in order to ensure that the muscles stay intact.

4. Roasting

The pig is roasted at a temperature which ranges between 230ºC and 260ºC depending on the animal. A qualified operator evaluates each and every single animal.
Once cooking is complete, the meat is left to cool to allow the loss of any excess moisture and that the crust acquires the perfect crispness.