Fresh Sausages


Our fresh sausages are made with 100% prosciutto meat.
Minced meat is kept for 24 hours in a special spice blend made of salt, natural flavours, and antioxidants.
Then it is transferred to a natural casing made from the animal intestine.
Our fresh sausages come in 4 different options: finely chopped meat, minced, with fennel seeds, and spicy.
Fresh sausages need to be kept at a temperature of 0º C – 4º C. Once the package is open best enjoy within a week

Serving size: 100gr
Calories 162Kcal – 678 Kjl
Protein 20.5% (Nx6.25)
Humidity 63.8.6%
Ashes 2.3%
Total Carbohydrate 0%
Fats 8.9%
Water (A): 0.962%
Nitrites 0%
Nitrates 30mg/kg Na No

Ingredients: pork meat, salt, flavourings.