FA.LU.CIOLI is a typical example of “Made in Italy ” where you combine the excellent quality of the product with the best culinary and gastronomic tradition of the country.
Established in 1917 , the company FA.LU. Cioli S.r.l. is located in Ariccia, the heart of the traditional production area of porchetta. Today it is one of the most dynamic companies operating in the delicatessen industry in the province of Rome.

For nearly 100 years and for four generations, the Cioli family has handed down all the secrets of the production of this unique gourmet product from father to son. Today the tradition is kept alive and the quality is intact thanks to Fabio and Luca Cioli who run their large production plant in Ariccia ( Rome, Italy) and a new company was founded in Union, New Jersey. (USA) in 2008.

The products of FA.LU. Cioli S.r.l. stand for authenticity, goodness and freshness that have been witnessed by customers loyalty over the time as well as numerous awards on both national and international level.

All our products are subject to thorough quality  which checks throughout the production process and comply with the most strict standards in the IT (ISO 9001 , ISO 22000 ; PGI), they contain no artificial preservatives and gluten. (FA.LU.CIOLI is listed in the AIC, the Italian Celiac Association) .
We pay attention to the environment, hygiene procedures, traceability and the supply chain (as demonstrated by the prestigious certifications obtained over the last few years), and artisan production methods: these are the main factors behind the growth and success of our company. The excellent quality of the meat is due to the fact that it is chosen from the First Choice (GRADE A) of carefully selected suppliers, and the total traceability of its origin is certified. Along with the special processing methods the resulting product is very low in calories and saturated fats, which makes it highly digestible and suitable for weight loss.

FA.LU.Cioli has always been aware that the quality of a food product is defined by a set of attributes related to its production methods, taste profile, customer service, and target consumers, to name a few. The safety of the product is the number one requirement of quality assurace and is the direct result of its traceability, i.e. the ability to identify what and who interacted with the product at any and every stage of its production process and distribution.
Tracking a food product along its supply and production chain means tracing the path of the product backwards as well, that is, the ability to reconstruct the history and monitor the use of the product along the production chain. From an operational point of view, a chain is traced when the products are identifiable, their recorded passages and, above all, the records are linked: it is this connection between the various pieces of information is what guarantees traceability.
Fa.Lu. Cioli products stand for authenticity, goodness and freshness as evidenced by the loyalty of its customers in time and by the numerous national and international awards.
All products are subject to careful and thorough quality checks throughout the production process and subject to the most stringent standards in the IT (ISO 9001, ISO 22000; PGI), they are also free of artificial preservatives and gluten.

The Porchetta product is available in various forms: Porchetta with head, Tronchetto (Trunk) and Delicatessen, and is exported to Japan, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Germany, England, USA, Canada, countries where the necessary food certificates and authorizations have been obtained. In addition, the company is a regular supplier to the largest groups of food distribution such as Auchan, Carrefour, Gruppo Pam-Panorama, Unicoop, etc.
The products of FA.LU. Cioli have also been present in the most important fairs in the trade including: Cibus in Parma (Italy), The Taste of Turin (Italy), Fancy food in New York and San Francisco, Anuga in Germany, Sial in Paris.

With more than 360,000 kg of products sold each year, FA.LU. Cioli is the market leader in the pork production and has over 50% share of the world market.
The company delivers throughout Italy daily and is also able to make international deliveries on a weekly basis. All products are vacuum sealed in compliance with the laws and regulations of each country.



From Quality to Tradition

Traditions combined with constant research for modern manufacturing techniques have allowed the family-run company to become undisputed leader in the production of “Porchetta d’Ariccia”,
The manufacturing techniques of “Porchetta d’Ariccia” have been passed on from generation to generation within the Cioli family for over ninety years.
Today as in the past, each and every step of the production process is directly supervised by a member of the family, from the selection of the pigs to the preparation, seasoning, roasting and distribution phases.

Our company is renowned for its cutting edge products goodness, crispness and freshness and they are guaranteed by the most important certificates make the Cioli company so famous around the world.